Day 20!

Today we rode from Huron to Bowling Green, Ohio. It was 74 miles and flat. Except for about an hour of incredibly welcome dry weather, the rest of the time it was raining. However, the wind was mild and it was fairly warm so the day was much more pleasant than yesterday.

This area is almost completely farmland. Many of the fields are completely flooded; I don’t know whether this augers poorly or well for crops. We also passed over countless railroad tracks; it seems odd that a small area would have so many north to south train routes. One would think that it would be more efficient to have fewer, more frequently used lines. All the trains we saw were purely freight; if these can be maintained acceptably, why are the passenger lines running along the east Coast running on track that makes them slow to 30 miles an hour or less? Just mindless speculation after a long day of riding.

Tonight we are staying on a farm; our hosts cooked a great dinner for us and we are sleeping in our tents next to the corn fields. This is our last night in Ohio on our way to Indiana.

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