Day 19!

Yesterday was a rest/service day in Cleveland, but today we were back on the road. And ok, I admit it.  Biking in warm and sunny weather is way more fun than slogging through wet, cold, and windy conditions.  Today was only 50 miles and flat, but the wind was in our faces, and the rain was nearly continuous.  At times, it felt as if the wind was going to blow the wheels off the ground.  In the last 11 days, it has rained 8;  we are due for a stretch of dry, I hope, although the forecast is not particularly encouraging.  Knew there would be days like this.

On the plus side, we are staying in a small coastal town called Huron; as we rolled in we could hear music, and came upon a small festival on the waterfront serving free burgers and beer. Thankfully, they also had tents set up, as the rain has not stopped.  We are staying in a high school gym; found a little entryway with a separating door that I threw my sleeping bag into, so hopefully there will be some sleep. 

Tomorrow we head south away from the water, will spend 1 more night in Ohio before moving into central Indiana.

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