Day 21!

Today we road 95 miles from Bowling Green, Ohio to Monroeville, IN.  It was flat, and there was no rain, so the biking was easy and fun.  Over the last couple of days, we have passed from county to county, and seen a range of signs and thoughts related to wind turbines.  I learned that a county line with  a sign that says  “zoned for your protection” actually means they try to prohibit wind turbines.  There are all sorts of other signs, such as “Wind turbines reduce milk production”, “Your stillborn foals are due to wind turbines”, “Wind turbines kill birds and cause noise pollution.”  They look professionally produced, and my bet is that they come from oil and gas companies and residents are paid to put them up.  I did a brief search on wind in Ohio, and it appears that counties with wind farms are getting a significant windfall into grade and high school systems.  Another instance of “alternative facts”  competing with common  sense.

We are now about 1240 miles in; a bit more than ¼ of the way across the country.  Seems like an accomplishment, but very daunting that there is 3X more to go.  Staying in a local community center tonight, with space donated by the town.

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