53 Miles on the Erie Canal…Day 13!

Today we spent the entire day cycling west on the Erie Canal, from Spencerport to Lockport, about 53 miles away.  Sounded like an easy day, but the path was in terrible shape, so it was mostly like mountain biking with skinny tires.  Fell 4 times, and am stiffening up sitting as I write this. The canal is beautiful, but I’m glad to be moving on.  I was again struck by how many draw bridges there were across this section of the canal, each with at least two workers, and all waiting for the very occasional pleasure craft to pass through.  It is certainly nice for folks with big boats, but I continue to wonder about the economics of it all.

We are staying tonight at a Lutheran church;  when we got here, volunteers were busy preparing dinner, and then started a shuttle to the local YMCA so we could shower.  Finally getting hot, so that was much appreciated.  It is remarkable how many people are volunteering time and effort to help this trip go forward.

Over 760 miles so  far… a measly 3500 left to go.

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