Day 12!

Today we rode from Sodus Point to Spencerport, just west of Rochester. We spent 40 miles on the Erie Canal path. When I lived in Syracuse, the Erie Canal was a favorite place to bike, walk, and run. The western portion that we’ve been riding through is more functional; there are intermittent locks that allow large pleasurecraft to get from east of Rochester through to Lake Ontario, and then to the ocean via the St. Lawrence seaway. This costs New York State tax payers untold millions. Over 40 miles of riding and one large boat was going through the locks. Another reason why real estate tax in New York causes people to move away.

Riding along the canal in some ways is monotonous but in other ways incredibly interesting. There are areas that are highly touristed with funky shops and restaurants, others where new housing developments face the water, and still others which are as close as New York state gets to Appalachia. This time of year, as with the rest of New York State, everything is brilliant green.

Don’t forget, if you’re reading this blog, the ride is to benefit multiple sclerosis. If you are so moved, please visit the donation page or click here.

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