Day 14!

Today we biked around 50 miles in total distance but not far in our westward journey.  We crossed into Canada at the Kingston-Lewiston Bridge, rode the parkway to Niagara Falls, and took the Maid of the Mist boatride into the middle of the Canadian falls.  I did this a decade or more before with my family, but the power of the falls is still exhilarating.  It was raining most of the day, so the water from the falls just blended into the day.

The contrast between border security on the Canadian and on the US side was interesting.  On the way into Canada, a Canadian border security agent opened up a lane for us, was interested in our trip, and in general facilitated our crossing. On the way back across the Peace Bridge, construction made it difficult for bikes and pedestrians to cross.  Half of us were shepherded across the bridge by a Canadian agent; the other half came slightly later, tried to go through the auto lanes as there were no other options, and were cursed at by US agents for not going through the non existent bike lanes. Oh well.

Tomorrow we start along the coasts of the great lakes through Ohio and Indiana.

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