Days 25-27

September 1–3.

Last three days have been 90 milers with a rest day in between. On September 1 we biked to Goleta, 10 miles north of Santa Barbara. This was the first day where it got really hot while biking; I guess there is a heat watch over all of Southern California. Lots of biking on incredibly busy roads.

Kathy met me in Santa Barbara we spent a very nice day wandering around UCSB, the waterfront, and the mission. Today was an introduction to Classic Southern California biking. We rode on route one where there is a shoulder but it is completely clogged with cars and RVs. route one is a four-lane highway and all of the parked vehicles meant I was riding in the middle of the road for more than I was comfortable doing. The waterfront is probably pretty, but you can’t see it because of all of the vehicles. I am hoping that the next three days will not be more of the same. Regardless, we will be finished on September 6.

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