Day 28

September 4
Third to last day! Today we rode from Santa Monica to Huntington Beach; most of it was a bike path although we rode through Central LA on city streets. It was much less hair-raising than yesterday. The Southern California beaches are endless. At least so far I guess I can recall, they started north of Santa Monica and have extended more than 100 miles south. They are all the same; on the stretch we rode today there is a bike path and vacation homes lined up viewing the water. Many of them are obviously incredibly expensive but they all look out on tens of thousands of people doing their thing probably almost every day of the year.

Another thing to note is that in the war of E bikes versus pedal bikes in Southern California, the e bikes  have won. I would say that 80% of the bikes on the bike path are electric. In general they are driven by kids who have no idea how to use them, drive far too fast, and should be riding on the streets rather than paths. E bikes are a 21st invention century invention that have not significantly improved the state of the world.

Tomorrow we head down to Carlsbad on our penultimate day and San Diego on Tuesday.

One thought on “Day 28

  1. Very interesting blog. Are Californians still skinny or have they gone the way of the rest of America ( thanks to ebikes and other things )


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