Days 12 & 13

The last two days we have been continuing down the California coast with inland forays into old growth redwood forests. The redwoods were spectacular; I’ve been to redwood forests before but these seem more untouched. We camped in the middle of the forest and in the morning there were a herd of elk right near the campsite. The next day was a continuation of riding down the coast; I’m sure there were amazing views but they were completely obscured most of the time by the marine layer. Riding down 10% grades with logging trucks in almost no visibility was quite the challenge.

This area has been pretty heavily touristed for a long time; hence the huge Paul Bunyan in front of a old-style Disneyesque tour of modified redwoods with lots of talking trees and canopies. Very campy but kind of fun. Today we are in Arcata, a nice small town on the water where we were taking a rest day.

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