Days 10 & 11

Days 10 and 11

No Internet last night. The previous night we stayed at Coos Bay; it’s a small formerly industrial city currently depressed like most formerly industrial cities. In the morning, we went to a local café; it opened at eight and there were 20 people standing in line. Three or four of them were regulars enough that they already had tables preset for them. Sort of like a Ted Lasso diner in that everybody was nice, talkative and quirky. Along the route, we encountered a guy who was making woods sculptures, some of which are in the pictures. He was happy to talk and talk about the meeting meaning of each of them- most had some relation to his late wife.

The Oregon coast is strikingly beautiful. The marine layer rolls in and out multiple times during the day. That means we are either biking in hot sun or in cool mist. It’s an odd combination. We biked 65 miles yesterday and 80 miles today, but I think the hills get much higher From here.

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