Day 47!

Today felt like two different rides.  In the morning, winds were from the northeast and we flew for 48 miles–set a personal record of 1:13 for 40 km.  However, the winds shifted to 20 mph from the west, and the next 43 miles were inch by inch.  We were also on a major truck route with a ribbon shoulder, so riding was quite tense.  Also, it needs to be said that Montana drivers suck.  They seem to go out of their way to hug the shoulder, honk just to scare bikers, and there is a lot of giving the finger.  I don’t know why we are so unwelcome, but that is the case.  We have two more days on this road before hitting Glacier National Park; the winds are forecast to be problematic so it should be a challenge.

No pictures from  today; more rolling grassland and decimated small towns.

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