Day 46!

Today we rode 71 miles to Malta, MN, past Saco, ostensibly the mosquito capital of the world.  The rode was flat but busy, with often just a ribbon of shoulder as cars and trucks went by at more than 100 mph (this is Montana).  We have 3 more days of this  before we hit Glacier National Park, where there is actually a reason to be there.  The wind was 20 mph directly into my face, making today far more effortful than the 105 miles a couple of days ago.  Tomorrow is 90 miles;  if the winds are similar it will be quite a struggle.  The land is mostly grassland with some farms;  for some reason there are dinosaur museums in every small town we go through.  Given the effort of the day,  I didn’t have the energy to go in any of them today.

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