Day 41!

Monday we biked into Bismark ND, then had a rest day yesterday with a service project;  did general cleanup for a fairly disabled MS patient.  This part of North Dakota is farmland, but with rolling hills that make it challenging biking but also quite beautiful.  Monday the winds were mostly at our back or side, and biking was fast and hair raising.  Today, the wind was mostly in our face;  it makes an amazing difference such that each mile is an accomplishment.

In Bismark, the hotel was mostly populated by the American Bison Association annual meeting;  lots of weather beaten guys and women with cowboy hats and bowlegs.  I know this sounds stereotypical, but it was true.  Had some sample bison- very nice.  Tonight we are staying at a community center in Hebron ND, heading to Medora tomorrow.  Medora is near the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and hosts a variety of silly but hopefully fun events.

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