Days 38 & 39!

The last two days we have been biking west through North Dakota.  The eastern portion was the most flat area I have ever seen;  you could look toward the horizon in all directions, and roads extended straight into oblivion.  This afternoon, the terrain shifted to rolling hills; and the wind picked up from the south.  Today was a record day for me- 100 miles, the first time I have passed that threshold.  Except for the 8 miles headed directly into the wind, it was a wonderful day to ride. The land was all farmland and cow pastures, with many lakes overflowing their banks.  The towns are tiny; the only obligatory component is a bar that serves food.  All towns seem to have this, which is great for me, as I’m trying to get through this trip without using my food acquired for camp cooking.  Freeze dried three bean chili just hasn’t sounded appetizing thus far.

Tomorrow we hit Bismark and have a rest day, which my body can really use.

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