Day 30!

Today is Day 30 of the ride;  39 more to go.  We rode 70 miles along the Mississipi. The upper river is much different than that in Tennessee or Louisiana; much of it is so wide it looks like a lake. It is still a transportation focus however, with huge barges and container ships slowly moving downriver. It was warm finally, and the ride was fairly flat.  Construction made parts of the ride slow going, but finished in Wabasha Minnesota.  Went to the National Eagle Center, which is basically a nursing home for distressed eagles.  Watched one tear apart a rabbit; put me off rabbit for at least a little while.

Tomorrow we cross the river again to Wisconsin.  I think the only reason for this is to add another state to our list, but the ride looks nice though quite hilly.  Heading for Minneapolis Friday, and 2 days off biking, which  will be much appreciated.  Minneapolis is almost exactly the halfway point for the journey.

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