Day 29!

Today we rode along the Mississippi northward to Minnesota. On either side of the river are a succession of very steep Bluffs which we climbed and then dropped down from. This made for quite challenging riding; the totals for today were 84 miles and 3000 feet of climbing.

The upper Mississippi is incredibly beautiful. Everything is flooded however; for the last 30 miles we rode along a train line that had been flooded a couple of weeks ago and is unusable even now. Where islands used to be, you just see trees coming out of the water. Trailers along the side of the river have stilts built under them to keep them from washing away.

Tonight we are camping in a city park. There is no Internet or cell phone coverage in most of of Brownsville which is where we are. Fortunately, like all small towns, there is a bar with Internet service, which is where I’m sending this from.

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