Day 19 & 20

August 24 and 25.

We are in Sausalito, about 2/3 of the way down to San Diego. Yesterday was kind of a hellacious ride; woke up to incredibly thick fog and a road with no shoulder, steep uphill climb and descents, and trucks that were for the most part quite considerate but not always. After about 25 miles the fog lifted and one could appreciate the beautiful coastline. We found an oyster farm along the coast that sold unshucked oysters for about a dollar each. I learned how to shuck oysters which I’m sure it will be a valuable skill going forward. Last night we stayed in a very nice campground on the Point Reyes  peninsula and today was an easy ride from there to Sausalito. Tomorrow is a day off which my legs dearly need and then we head down the coast once again.

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