Day 17

Today was a particularly arduous ride. We started in the redwoods and climbed 1900 feet over a pass and arrived at the ocean in about 35 miles. The temperature change was immense. To the east, we were in the 80s, dropping  into the 50s by the time we hit the coast. As you can see the coast is beautiful but the marine layer rolled in around 1 PM and the rest of the day we biked  in pea soup.

I admit it. I hate sleeping in churches. I arrived late and all of the choice spots were taken so I ended up sleeping in a pew in the back of the church. 15 elderly snoring farting and and prostate challenged people made for a very restless night. There are about five possible church days left in the trip; I will do my best to find a cheap motel everyone of those nights. I know this sounds grumpy but I got no sleep.

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