Day 1

Day one is complete. It started with a short flat ride past the space needle to the fairy which took us to Bremerton. From there it was a fairly flat 40 mile ride through forested areas and some lakes. I think it takes us approximately five days to get to the coast.

The demographics of this ride are quite different than my previous ride in 2019. That one was about evenly split between younger people in or just out of college and an older group either retired or nearly so. This group is significantly larger and, how do I say it, we are all pretty old. I’m not sure whether the timing is bad for younger people who might be starting a semester or whether this is a result of money shifts due to Covid. The group seems quite nice but it is too bad not having some younger people with us. Tonight we are camped out on the soccer field at the middle school.

2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. That’s an awesome pace and the scenario looks so beautiful. I wish I knew about this before I would definitely try to be a part of it.


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