Days 51 and 52!

On Monday we had a rest day in Whitefish, a small town with a number of good restaurants, bars, and art galleries. Kathy met me here, and we spent much of the time with a friend from the bay area who has a house in Whitefish. We also had dinner with friends from Phoenix who have a house in Eureka which I bike to on Tuesday. It was great fun to be in a new place and have familiar folks to hang out with.

On Tuesday the ride from Whitefish to Eureka was both beautiful and hair raising. The road was narrow, the shoulder minimal, and logging trucks frequent and fast. I am staying this evening with friends who live in Eureka. Eureka itself is much less trendy than Whitefish and much more poverty stricken. It’s much more typical of the small towns in eastern Montana that we stayed at in the previous week.

Tomorrow we go to Libby, our last town in Montana before spending one night in Idaho and then on to Washington.

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