Day 36!

Happy July 4th everyone.  Today we biked along a lovely bike trail towards Fargo ND.  We stopped at a Lutheran Church in Fergus Falls; sadly, no open restaurants and no fireworks. However, intensive investigation revealed a Domino’s Pizza, so I was able to avoid the trauma of cooking my own food.  The road was flat but I had two flats, which slowed me down quite a bit.  Minnesota is supposed to be the land of 10,000 lakes;  from the trail today, that seems a believable number. 

Last night we stayed in a high school in Osakis, which is a local tourist destination mostly due to a very large lake which is popular for boating and fishing.  There is also a local distillery, making I believe the only Minnesota bourbon to be had.  This demanded sampling; not at all bad.  In the evening, someone had a copy of the movie Fargo, which I had seen long ago.  Not a movie to be seen twice, in my view.

Tomorrow we move to Fargo. North Dakota will be our 12th state. Only 3 left:  Montana, Idaho, and Washington.  The size of states get bigger with westward movement, however, so 2000 miles yet to go.

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