Day 32 and a rest weekend with Kathy!

On Friday we biked from Wabasha into Minneapolis, a nice 55 mile ride.  Much of it was on a bike path, as the area near and around Minneapolis is the most bike friendly place I’ve seen.  We had a 2 day break here;  on Saturday we did a service project, painting the outside of a house for a disabled person with MS.  In 3 hours we had the place mostly painted; definitely not professional, but nice and appreciated.

The last couple of days, Kathy and I have also explored Minneapolis.  Except for the extreme cold in the winter, it seems like a very pleasant place.  Many ethnic neighborhoods, great areas for restaurants, and a riverfront that has been converted from a flour milling center to a recreation spot.  Much of the old infrastructure is still there, converted either to museums or lofts.  Evidently the location of Minneapolis was predicated on the presence of St. Anthony’s Falls, which provided power for mills from the 1840s to the 1960s.  The falls has been completely altered to create a stable power source. We toured the Mill Museum, housed in the remains of one of the largest mills along the Mississippi.  It was surprisingly fascinating.

Tomorrow we visit an MS day center, then leave around noon for a 70 mile ride northwest, starting our 2nd half of the journey.

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