Day 24!

Last night we camped during a monster storm.  Enough rain fell that the entire camping area was covered in at least an inch of water;  needless to say, everything is soaked. This morning, we started on what was billed as an easy 64 mile day, but the rain continued and a cold wind was coming from the Northwest at about 30 mph; exactly the direction we were biking.  There were whitecaps on the lakes that previously were corn fields.  On the plus side, there were windfarms throughout the route with the blades rotating faster than I’ve ever seen.

This evening is clear and warmer, but rain is due again tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.  I was talking to a local at dinner;  planting dates have been pushed back more than a month until June 28 because of floods;  if planting does not occur by then then the crop  season is lost.  So, I guess there are bigger problems than a soaked tent and sleeping bag.

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