Day 10!

Today we biked from Old Forge west.  After a 20 mile beautiful ride along the Moose River, we took a right and were immediately out of the Adirondacks.  The transition was sudden; from deep woods, lakes and rivers everywhere to rolling farmland. The weather was gorgeous, for the first time.  High 60s, blue sky, perfect biking conditions.  There were enough rolling hills to account for about 3000 feet of climbing, but 77 miles were actually pretty easy.

We stopped in Osceola for lunch;  the diner owner was talking about his daughter, who was a graduate student at Upstate Medical University who had her career ruined by a scientific misconduct case.  Turns out I knew her, and was the chair of the committee that investigated the misconduct.  Brought back old times, though not in a good way.  She ended up teaching at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, but completely turned away from a research career.  An uncomfortable interaction all around. The restaurant owner also was reminiscing about other Upstate scandals, including the conviction of the president, COO, and others.  Although today was a perfect upstate NY day weather-wise, the conversation was a great reminder of why I decided to leave.  Tonight we are staying in another church; I’m camped outside hoping not to hear the snoring.

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