Jeremy Bikes for MS

Welcome back to Jeremy Bikes!

It has been three years, one insurrection, and an on going pandemic since my last cross country ride to benefit Bike the US for MS and the Barrow Neurological Institute. Starting August 6, I am embarking on another long ride, this time from Seattle Washington to San Diego California. The ride is approximately 1800 miles along the coast and I’m looking forward to the challenge, the beautiful views, and to helping to raise money for good causes.

With the help of my daughter, I am planning on re-instituting my blog to let people know what the experience is like as well as to encourage people to think about donating to the cause. To that end, I am attaching  routes from a couple of recent rides, a picture of finishing the last ride in Seattle, and my donation card which gives information about where to send money for those who have that urge. Once the ride starts, I will try to be diligent about posting daily; I hope I will occasionally have something interesting to say but the picture should be beautiful in any case.

More to come…